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VOTENODEMS is a message supporting a better quality of life for all mankind worldwide, because Democrat policies destroy the quality of human life worldwide. Vote No Democrats to help save the American dream, save our schools, secure our borders, create higher paying jobs, American energy independence for lower prices on home utilities, and gas, for a greener planet, for law and order, creating safer communities for families and businesses, to end corruption in Washing and our local State and school boards, to end wars, and to restore America making it the greatest place in the world to live and thrive again.

VOTENODEMS wants to become the agency for all who run for office in the U.S.A., sharing the message to not support the other party. The message is simple and true. Vote No Democrats for a better quality of life, because Democrat policies destroy the quality of life, the nuclear family, the economy, job wages, and more. The proof is all around us in Democrat run States.

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